Make Web 3.0 sustainable

Run /měːta/:nodes

Monetize your bandwidth by serving and validating the Marlin network

Who should run a Metanode?

Whether you are a professional miner or a blockchain enthusiast interested in securing your favourite network, you can never go wrong by running a Metanode

Miners and validators

Metanodes unlock a stable revenue source for hashers, mining pools and professional staking companies at negligible extra cost

Full nodes

Full nodes altruistically forward blocks and transactions today. Wouldn't it be nice to get compensated instead?

Budding entrepreneurs

Blockchain distribution networks (BDNs) have raised 10s of millions of USD. What if you could launch a BDN in a single click?

How to run a Metanode?

Joining an open network has never been easier

  • Stake

    LIN tokens are staked to join and slash upon misbehaviour

  • Join

    Nodes may join one of several decentralized or closed relays

  • Forward

    Packets are forwarded upon arrival based on routing rules

Get started using marlinctl

Reward distribution

Metanodes are rewarded with POND raffles and blockchain native coins

POND reward pool
Winning paths

Learn more about the token economics