Govern it,
it's yours!

The Pond DAO relinquishes to the community ownership over a sustainable layer 0

# Discuss + Act

The token model

Marlin separates the responsibilities of enacting policies from administering them just like the control and data plane of a software-defined network


POND can be used to delegate to Marlin nodes and be incentivized for operating the relay network correctly


You can lock 1 million POND to mint 1 MPOND and you can redeem 1 MPOND for a million POND

The bridge

Conversion from POND to MPOND or vice-versa is regulated by a bridge to ensure MPOND is minted judiciously

Key points

  • • Every Marlin node requires atleast 1 MPOND in delegations to join the network
  • • Only MPOND holders may make proposals or vote in the POND governance
  • • Conversion from POND to MPOND is instantaneous while the reverse involves a delay
  • • The maximum supply of POND is 10,000,000,000 and MPOND is 10,000
  • • Staking rewards for validators are paid in POND while FlowMint distributes MPOND
  • • Reward earned by a node is proportional to its propensity of being in a fast path

What does governance entail?

The DAO determines POND distribution amongst different blockchains

  • Propose

    Anyone with 1 MPOND supply may table new proposals

  • Deliberate

    Sufficient time allocated for a wholesome debate

  • Vote

    Changes require majority votes with ample participation


To ensure layer 1 platform communities have a say on an ubiquitous layer 0 network, a significant supply of POND has been allocated towards ecosystem growth

Bandwidth mining

The most integral actors of any protocol, POND is distributed amongst operators that provide services within the network


MPOND will be distributed to layer 1 token holders against tokens locked in native staking mechanisms


FlowMint incentivizes usage of Marlin by rewarding only those validators and delegators that install Marlin gateways

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